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Hi! My name is Shane and I am the owner and creative director here at Fivestar Branding. We are a small firm, as in 99% of the work is done by me. So with that said, let me share some information about myself you may or may not find useful. First, I am a father to SEVEN energetic and talkative children. I am a Christian with evolutionary tendencies and therefor perform mental gymnastics on a regular basis. I have been married to my wife for 14 years and we enjoy among other things, eating out, going to the beach (did I mention I live in Bradenton, FL?) and reading books! I started out doing design over 15 years ago when I got my first real job working at and then managing a Signs Now franchise. Think vehicle wraps, real estate signs, banners etc. When the market crashed I went to college where I received my degree in graphic design and multimedia technology. This is the timeframe when I started Fivestar. This was born out of a sincere passion for logo design and really anything related to starting and or running a successful business. Currently I’m back in school pursuing a master’s degree in Marketing and Advertising while writing my book “Seeds of Greatness” and diving into the world of investing. Anyhow, I am grateful that you stopped by, I am really looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting to be a part of your future success!


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A Typical Web Project
Brief Development, Research & Analysis
Concept Design & Client Approval
Wireframing, UX & UI Layout Design
Fivestar Team Makeup
Developers, Technical Staff
Designers, Creative Staff
Business, Finance & Marketing Staff


Single Concept


  • Files: .AI, .EPS, .PNG, .PDF, . JPG, .PSD
  • Turnaround Time: 1-2 Days
  • Live Consultation
  • Revisions to Your Concept
  • Number of Concepts : 1

Standard Logo


  • Files: .AI, .EPS, .PNG, .PDF, . JPG, .PSD
  • Turnaround Time: 3-5 Days
  • Live Consultation
  • Revisions to Your Concept
  • Number of Concepts : 3

STD Logo Plus


  • Files: .AI, .EPS, .PNG, .PDF, . JPG, .PSD
  • Turnaround Time: 7-14 Days
  • Live Consultation
  • Business Card and Letterhead
  • Number of Concepts : 3

Illustrated Logo


  • Files: .AI, .EPS, .PNG, .PDF, . JPG, .PSD
  • Turnaround Time: 7-14 Days
  • Live Consultation
  • Business Card and Letterhead
  • Number of Concepts : 3



Logo Design


Web Design

Social Media

Content Marketing

Image Editing

On paper


Shane Wilson

Founder/Creative Director

Deepak Budhiraja

Sr. UI Designer / Developer

Jerron Ames

Logo Designer


The work that has been done is literally jaw dropping. These guys have exceeded what I even thought was possible. The communication has been ongoing and always prompt. Shane took my vision and turned it into something that wasn’t even imaginable.

Keith B., KB2 Fitness

We like to think we have the best looking logo and website in the industry, and keep pinching ourselves because we can’t believe something so awesome actually belongs to us!

Candy C.,

Fivestar Branding took a web concept and gave it personality, professional design and made me look like a genius. My designer had 20/20 vision into the heart of the project, and made it zing! Use them today; you will leave the experience with a smile on your face, and looking for a reason to come

Jodi K.,

The amount of time spent in the office, six days a week.


200+ logos completed since 2011


Number of coffees consumed per hour on any given day.


There are 3 different languages spoken in our office.


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